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What's new in BricsCAD V18

BricsCAD V18 introduces 3D Compare, twist, thicken and more...


What's new in BricsCAD V18

BricsCAD V18 introduces 3D Compare, twist, thicken and more...

Familiar 2D & 3D Interface


2D Drafting


3D Modeling




3D Direct Modeling

With BricsCAD, you get powerful and adaptive tools for 3D direct solid modeling using our geometric constraints solver. 3D direct modeling operations apply to all ACIS solid geometry, whether created in BricsCAD or imported.

Need to work on a complex design? BricsCAD’s direct editing capabilities preserve your 3D model’s design intent, helping you to save both time and headaches.

Speed things up with our context-sensitive Quad™ cursor.

The Settings Dialog reports and modifies the current value of all settings in your CAD interface. Sort settings alphabetically or by category (tree view). The instant search feature finds settings quickly and intuitively.

Fresh tools to create any model you want fast and easy

Surface entity creation

Start from 2D profiles, 3D curves, 3D solids, or imported parts and assemblies. Create complex parts with lofted bends or automatically recognize them in imported geometry.


Use BricsCAD's new Loft command to create 3D solids by specifying cross section profiles. The cross sections define the shape of the solid.


Use the thicken tool not only on surfaces, but also on wire objects such as lines, circles and curves to create tube-like objects with just couple of clicks.


Create engineering objects like drills or augers by twisting 3D solids, surfaces, and regions around an axis by an angle that you specify.

3d drawing compare

3D compare opens two drawing files and then reports the differences in 3D solids and 3D surfaces using color coding. This lets you quickly see the changes made to otherwise identical-looking drawings. The differences are represented as separate entities displayed in two viewports – red entities for additions, green for subtractions.

Assembly modeling

Assemblies organize parts as hierarchical structures for modeling complex products. Use BricsCAD’s powerful 3D constraints (geometrical and dimensional) to easily compose assemblies as top-down or bottom-up designs.

Assembly modeling

Working with components is much more flexible as BricsCAD provides these additional operations:

  • Open a copy of a component as a new document

  • Replace components

  • Switch between external and local components

  • Convert native blocks to local components

  • Convert referenced drawings (xrefs) to external components

Assemblies import

With the updated BricsCAD Communicator add-on, you can import product structures from files in popular MCAD formats, such as Solidworks, Inventor, and Creo.
When importing 3D models, BricsCAD automatically heals geometry, as necessary. In addition, you can repair and simplify imported models, as well as stitch disjointed surfaces.

Parametric Components

Designing with parameterized components is significantly extended. You can create parametric components from constrained 3D solids, as well as copy and paste parametric components across assemblies. when replacing one parametric component with another, parameters are automatically evaluated according to expressions specified by the assembly.

600 high-definition render materials

Be more creative with realism. Our updated library with render materials now contains well over 600 high-resolution Redway materials. Use the library and the preview window to render your 3D direct models more true to life than ever before.

Support for Photometric Lighting

Rendering of 3D models is improved by using IES files with Web lights. This lets BricsCAD accurately depict the exact distribution of illumination, according to manufacturer specifications.

Generated drawing views

The Generated Drawing View feature is completely reworked. After it creates correctly projected views of 3D models, you can change their scales and toggle the visibility of hidden lines. In addition, you can specify the design of sections views, section lines, detail views and detail symbols.

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