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GSA Analysis


Import & Export


Links to Spreadsheets


Data from tables can be transferred to and from spreadsheets using the standard cut and paste facilities. The GWA file (ASCII data file) is written as a tab-separated file to facilitate input into spreadsheet programs


  • data from tables can be transferred to and from spreadsheets using the standard cut and paste facilities

  • GWA file (ASCII data file) format is tab-separated file to facilitate interaction with spreadsheets

  • output table data and results can be copied for pasting directly into spreadsheets

  • (see also COM interface, below)


Import options


  • AutoCAD DWG / DXF

  • CIMsteel CIS/1

  • Revit Structure (see below)

  • Vdisp


Export options


  • ADC AdBeam

  • ASAS

  • AutoCAD DWG / DXF

  • CIMsteel CIS/1



  • OpenSees

  • Revit Structure (see below)

  • SAP2000

  • Steel Member CSV

  • Vdisp


Revit Structure plug-in


GSA includes a bi-directional link between GSA & Revit 2014, Revit Structure 2013 & Revit Structure 2012. With this Revit users can transfer model information between Revit and GSA with minimal loss of data.


Options are accessed from the External Tools menu within Revit Structure including:


  • Export a Revit model to GSA

  • Update changes made in GSA back into the Revit model

  • Update changes made in Revit back into the GSA model

  • Create a new Revit model from GSA


The following elements are transferred while exporting a model from Revit to GSA:


  • Revit Levels translate to GSA grid planes

  • Revit Grids translate to GSA grid lines

  • Revit beams and columns are transferred as GSA members

  • Revit floors and slabs form GSA areas


The model can be exported as a whole or as a selected sub-set. There is option to coordinate with the GSA analysis layer, though coordination with the GSA design layer is encouraged (as the design data is less likely to require re-working).


Coordination of Revit and GSA objects is maintained throughout the bi-directional process, with extra data on either side being preserved.


Details of the transfer are recorded and reported, to give confidence in the data that has been coordinated, to identify any assumptions that may have been made, and to alert users of any failures in the process.


Oasys steel, concrete and general standard sections can be loaded into Revit models. Referencing Oasys sections in the Revit model results in strong coordination between the Revit and GSA sections during data transfer.


To add the GSA plug-in into Revit, simply install GSA on a computer that has Revit Structure already installed. 


COM interface and command line interface



  • COM interface enables GSA to be driven from a spreadsheet macro or other external program

  • Command line interface enables GSA to be driven from batch files

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