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AutoVue EDA Professional

Extend The Reach of PCB Documents to All Enterprise Users

Oracle's AutoVue EDA Professional allows PCB designers and contract manufacturers to access, view, and securely collaborate on their PCB layouts and schematics. With support for major electronic design automation (EDA) packages, Microsoft Office, and PDF files, EDA organizations can boost collaboration without compromising valuable intellectual property, and enable effective end-to-end design to manufacturing processes.

  • Deliver universal access to PCB (layout and schematics), Office documents, and images files
  • Minimize costly board spins by enabling early communication to identify and resolve design issues
  • Expedite document reviews & approvals, and streamline engineering change management with built-in digital annotations
  • Streamline PCB test engineering and manufacturing assembly processes
  • Can be fully integrated with enterprise applications like Product Lifecycle Management systems
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