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AutoVue Electro-Mechanical Professional

Bridge the Gap Between MCAD and EDA

Oracle's all encompassing enterprise visualization solution. With AutoVue Electro-Mechanical Professional, organizations can bridge the gap between MCAD and EDA, and extend the reach of product information to all enterprise users. By enhancing cross-functional and departmental interaction earlier in the product development cycle, organizations can achieve improved productivity, reduced errors, and accelerated time to market.

  • Make product documents and information, including EDA, 3D/2D CAD, Graphics, Office and PDF documents readily available to all enterprise users

  • Enable collaborative product design & development and optimize decision making through improved cross-team, cross-discipline collaboration

  • Foster innovation by enabling participation and contribution of extended teams in product related decisions

  • Expedite design reviews & approvals, and streamline change management with built-in digital annotations

  • Facilitate PCB test engineering and streamline the manufacturing assembly process

  • Collaborate and communicate with global teams and partners without jeopardizing intellectual property

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