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CADrebar Benefits

Detail reinforced concrete quickly and easily

AutoCAD add-in

Produce full drawings and bending schedules

About This Software


Get simple and fast AutoCAD concrete detailing and scheduling


Why complicate things? CADrebar is beautifully simple. Easy to learn and use, the program provides fast concrete detailing and scheduling, supporting the BS8666:2005 British Standard.


CADrebar: the ideal choice for concrete detailers


CADrebar is so simple to learn that most detailers will be up to full speed within the first hour of using the software, without any training. This ease-of-use is just one reason why CADrebar is the program of choice for many concrete detailers.

This software puts users in control of concrete detailing with single or multiple bar placements on all commands. The program produces industry standard schedules and enables users to create and schedule custom bar types.

And because CADrebar uses standard AutoCAD attributed blocks (rather than custom objects) users can easily pass the output to organisations that do not use AutoCAD. So everyone can enjoy the benefits of working with CADrebar.

Designed by concrete detailers for their own use, CADrebar is a cost effective tool for today’s detailing bureaux.

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