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What's new in BricsCAD V18

BricsCAD V18 introduces 3D Compare, twist, thicken and more...


What's new in BricsCAD V18

BricsCAD V18 introduces 3D Compare, twist, thicken and more...

Familiar 2D & 3D Interface


2D Drafting


3D Modeling




Detailed 2D Drafting

Create and edit 2D technical drawings, floor plans, and other layouts quickly and accurately. Thanks to its innovative 2D drafting tools, BricsCAD takes your drawings to a whole new level of detail.

Annotative Scales

Annotative scaling allows you to display and print models at the size you want. In a 2D drafting environment, you can scale entity types such as texts, hatches, tables, dimensions, tolerances and (multi)leaders.

Multi Leaders

Multi-line leaders quickly create many leaders using predefined properties saves as styles. You can annotate multileaders with text or blocks, or you can leave the annotation field empty. Additional formatting includes arrowheads, spline leaders and linetypes.

Dynamic dimensions

Dynamic dimensions interactively specify lengths and angles right on the screen, as entities are created and edited. The added level of detail facilitates your transition from 2D drafting to 3d modeling.


Use the new transparency effect to improve the look of your drawings, such as applying it to solid fills and other objects. BricsCAD lets you set the level of transparency, apply the property directly to objects, and assign transparency through layers.

Dynamic Arrays

Arrays are associative and dynamic. Create rectangular, polar, linear, path, and 3D arrays dynamically. Associativity means that when you edit one object, the changes are applied to all other objects in the array.

Copyright @2004 Whole Win Technology Ltd

Web map services

The Map Connect function places maps from Web-based map services into drawings. One or more data layers can be selected for download, which are then inserted in drawings as images.

Intelligent quad cursor

Speed things up with our context-sensitive Quad™ cursor.

The Settings Dialog reports and modifies the current value of all settings in your CAD interface. Sort settings alphabetically or by category (tree view). The instant search feature finds settings quickly and intuitively.

Compare drawings

BricsCAD uses a next-generation repository approach to enable blazingly fast Drawing Compare with Visual Merge capabilities. This tool scans two versions of a drawing and rapidly compares the history of all graphical entities. You can see the changes in the Structure Panel, view them on-screen in contrasting colors, and leverage the “KeepMe” command to keep the entities you select while automatically discarding the others.

Copyright @2004 Whole Win Technology Ltd

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