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 CTRAN/W 2012 contaminant transport analysis.

CTRAN/W is a finite element CAD software product that can be used to model the movement of contaminants through porous materials such as soil and rock. The comprehensive formulation of CTRAN/W makes it possible to analyze problems varying from simple particle tracking in response to the movement of water, to complex processes involving diffusion, dispersion, adsorption, radioactive decay and density dependencies. CTRAN/W can be applied to the analysis and design of geotechnical, civil, hydrogeological, and mining engineering projects.


CTRAN/W is designed to be used in tandem with a seepage analysis such as SEEP/W to analyze contaminant transport. SEEP/W computes the water flow velocity, volumetric water content, and water flux; CTRAN/W uses these parameters to compute the contaminant migration.

Easy to Use


Defining a Contaminant Transport Model


Once you have solved your flow problem with SEEP/W or VADOSE/W, you can use the graphical tools in CTRAN/W to interactively apply boundary conditions and specify material properties. Conduct a simple particle tracking analysis, or define dispersivity, diffusion, adsorption, decay and density to conduct an advection-dispersion analysis.


Viewing the Analysis Results


After solving your contaminant transport problem, CTRAN/W offers many tools for viewing results. Generate contours or x-y plots of any computed parameter, such as concentration, mass, adsorption, dispersion, or Peclet and Courant numbers. Velocity vectors show the flow direction and rate. Examine the contaminant mass in the solid and liquid phases at any location. Transient conditions can be shown by plotting the changing concentration levels over time. Interactively query computed values by clicking on any node, element Gauss region, or flux section. Then prepare the results for your report by adding labels, axes, and pictures, or export the results into other applications such as Microsoft® Excel® for further analysis.


Typical Applications


CTRAN/W can model almost any contaminant transport problem, including:


  • Flow of contaminants from a surface pond

  • Flow of dissolved hydrocarbons

  • Flow of radioactive contaminants

  • Transport through fractured rock

  • Sea-water intrusion into coastal aquifers

  • Brine transport

  • Landfill leachate migration

  • plus many more!


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