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CADrebar Features


  • Used by many detailing bureaux

  • Single or multiple bar placements on all commands

  • Designed by concrete detailers for their own use

  • Very easy to learn & use

  • Produces industry standard schedules

  • Can create and schedule custom bar types


Click the 'Download now' button for installation requirements.


Fast To Draw, Fast To Schedule: CADrebar is the preferred system of many detailing bureaux


Bar Placement: All bar placement commands offer both single and multiple bar range placement. Standard or custom mesh can be placed in a similar way to placing a bar range.


Quick & Simple: Designed by concrete detailers for their own use. Uses standard AutoCAD attributed blocks (no custom objects) allowing you to freely pass your output to other non-AutoCAD based organisations.

Easy to Learn: most detailers will be up to full speed within the first hour of using CADrebar and without any training.


Checks: CADrebar checks for minimum bending dimensions of standard shape codes.

Varying Bars or Tapered Ranges: These are placed in the same way as standard ranges. For full control, each bending dimension of a bar range can be independently varied.


Find Bar Marks: CADrebar will zoom to the first Bar Label containing the bar mark. If there are more Labels with this mark, CADrebar allows you to step to the next and/or previous occurrences.

Industry Standard Schedules: These can be created to show both bars and weights. The SHD output files can be printed using the freely distribute CADrebarViewer. Label attribute data is checked and total lengths are calculated. Errors are clearly identified both graphically and descriptively.


Ranges: CADrebar groups ranges and utilises these groups when working with the Windows clipboard, allowing you to copy, move etc. ranges as a single object both in the current drawing and between drawings. Production drafting is further enhanced by allowing you to edit/modify single elements without breaking the group.

SteelPAC: CADrebar's SHD files are easily read into SteelPAC for procurement and change management.

Custom Bar Types: Create custom bar types (shape code 99) and insert a

corresponding entry in the schedule. The total lengths of shape code 99's are automatically calculated. Formulae and required dimension definitions are easily created and allow for complex algebra where required.

Bars in Section: Allows you to draw bars to scale in cross-section using either a pitch value or a number of bars. Show the bars as either solid or an outline circle.


Tick and Tags: Using CADrebar these are very easy to place and edit.

Configuration: All configuration files are simple ASCII text files providing control of parameters such as layer names, colours, sizes, total lengths, shape 99 images etc.


Reducing Costs: CADrebar is the most cost effective system you will find.

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