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Safe Features


  • Analysis of plane stress, plane strain or axially symmetric problems. General loading of linear elastic axisymmetric structures can be carried out using a Fourier series technique.

  • Linear or non-linear behaviour

  • Gravity loading

  • Pore pressures and effective stresses are identified separately, allowing computation for drained or undrained conditions, and time dependent consolidation

  • Incremental loading and changes of material properties, permitting the formation of excavations, embankments etc.

  • Intermediate results can be stored and inspected before the problem is continued further.

  • Pressure (distributed) and line loading

  • Fixed or spring restraints

  • 8 noded quadrilateral elements. These can be curvilinear

  • Consolidation problems

  • Wells

  • Seepage and flow

  • Extensive graphical input options and in-built mesh generation facility

  • Wide range of graphical output and printing facilities

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