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Xdisp Features



  • Input single or dual layered soils

  • Analyse inclined or horizontal soil interfaces

  • View results in plan, as contours or vectors

  • Enter field data to give improved sub-surface ground movements

  • Calculate surface and sub-surface results

  • Examine excavations with inclined bases

  • Analyse models with multiple mines, or multiple excavations, tunnels, buildings and utilities

  • Produce line graphs of settlements and horizontal displacements

  • Assess building damage of Specific Buildings resulting from soil movements and produce building damage interaction charts

  • Assess building damage of Generic Buildings

  • Assess utility damage of Specific Utilities resulting from soil movements and produce utility damage assessment graphs

  • Assess utility damage of generic utilities

  • Import background data from dxf files to provide a backdrop on which to enter model geometry graphically

  • Import displacements from other programs and combine them with those from Xdisp

  • Input, edit and delete elements via 3D Graphics

  • Display results in 3D graphics

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