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GeoStudio 2012 basic edition

Affordable Essentials


GeoStudio Basic Edition includes elementary features of SLOPE/WSEEP/WSIGMA/WQUAKE/W,TEMP/WCTRAN/WAIR/W and VADOSE/W for solving slope stability and related geotechnical analyses at a low pricing. GeoStudio Basic is licensed for engineering consulting use.


The Basic Edition is ideal for use in routine engineering practice for the analysis of problems with limited geometric complexity. It is licensed for engineering consulting use and is available as a Perpetual Standalone License only.


Broad Reach


While primarily intended for analyzing the stability of natural and man-made earth slopes, you can also use GeoStudio Basic for the analysis of confined and unconfined steady-state seepage problems, for the analysis of linear-elastic settlement and stress distribution problems, for the tracking of contaminants within ground water flow, for the analysis of freeze-thaw problems, and for 1D vadose zone and soil cover analyses.


Modeling Practice


A common tendency when using powerful modeling software is to build numerical models that are geometrically too complex. The geometric complexity is usually not required to obtain meaningful results. In fact, we at GEO-SLOPE strongly advocate that a numerical model should be a simplified abstraction of the actual field conditions. Adopting this modeling principle makes GeoStudio Basic a very powerful analytical tool for use in practice in spite of its geometric limitations.


Evaluation and Upgrading


GeoStudio Basic allows you to evaluate a very high-end geotechnical software package with a minimal investment. Starting with GeoStudio Basic is an excellent strategy. Once you are comfortable with using the software and you find that your projects dictate analyzing more complexity, you can upgrade to the full-featured version. Everything that you have learned and done with the Basic Edition will be directly usable in the full-featured edition. Nothing will be lost by first acquiring the Basic Edition and subsequently acquiring the full-featured edition.




The included VADOSE/W Basic puts the power in your hands to solve complex 1D vadose zone and soil cover analyses accurately and confidently. VADOSE/W Basic includes the same geometric limitations as the rest of the GeoStudio Basic suite, with the additional restriction that all elements must be in a 1D column.


Easy to Use


Defining a Problem


Beginning an analysis is as simple as defining the geometry by drawing regions and lines that identify soil layers. Once drawn, you would choose an analysis method, specify soil properties and pore-water pressures, define reinforcement loads, and create your trial slip surfaces.


Viewing the Results


Once an analysis is solved, the results can be viewed in a variety of ways:

  • Display the minimum slip surface and factor of safety together, or view each one individually.

  • View information about the critical slip surface, including the total sliding mass, a free body diagram and a force polygon showing the forces acting on each slice.

  • Contour the factors of safety, or show plots of computed parameters. The prepare the results for your report by adding labels, axes, and pictures, or export the results into other applications such as Microsoft® Excel® for further analysis.


Limited Features


The Basic Edition does not contain all of the features found in the full editions. For example, each product in GeoStudio Basic is limited to 2 multiple/staged analyses within one file, 10 material types, 10 geometric regions, and 500 finite elements. Read the Feature Comparison Chart for the full list of limitations.

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