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GSA Bridge

Simulate advanced bridge design engineering problems with accurate tools

GSA Bridge has proved its worth as a key piece of bridge engineering software on award-winning projects such as the Infinity Footbridge, the Falkirk Wheel, and the Gatwick Air Bridge.

Part of the GSA suite of programs, GSA Bridge is the perfect bridge design software for busy bridge designers. This easy-to-use bridge analysis software automatically sifts through the multiplicity of possible moving loads to find the crucial loads for your structure.

GSA Bridge will also design the steel beams and slab rebar for you to a variety of national and international codes, determining what is needed to carry the load.

As designs become more efficient, the resulting structures get lighter and more responsive to human induced vibrations. GSA Bridge thus includes the advanced footfall module and is the leading program available for vertical footfall analysis on any structure.


How GSA Bridge Works


Input: Create structural finite element analysis models using CAD and BIM links, directly in the table or graphical views, or using your own scripts via the Application Programming Interface. Assign linear and nonlinear materials to a variety of element types, whether beams from catalogues, standard shapes, profiled slabs, or your own special requirements. Add static, dynamic, prestress, or thermal loads and analyse the effect.

Analysis and Design: GSA includes several solvers, including:

  • bridge load optimisation

  • steel member and concrete slab design

  • footfall analysis for human induced vibration

  • matrix-based stiffness method for static and p-delta analyses

  • dynamic relaxation and explicit solvers for nonlinear static and dynamic problems

  • eigenvector solvers for modal vibration and buckling analyses

  • dynamic response analyses for seismic response spectrum or time history, harmonic and periodic vibrations

  • soil structure interaction for rafts and piled structures

  • diagnostic analyses for resolving modelling problems


GSA will find the lightest, shallowest, cheapest, or most environmentally friendly steel beam section to carry the load, and work out the ideal quantity of reinforcement in your concrete slabs and walls.

Output: Output forces, moments, deformed geometry, and other results in graphical views, tables, and graphs. Export analysis models to LS DYNA, model changes to Revit, or text and numbers to Office documents.

Key Features & Benefits

1. Find the footfall response over the whole structure, with full contour plots and detailed graphs showing exactly where the satisfactory and problem areas are

2. Optimised vehicle and lane loading is produced automatically offering a real time saving

3. Perform day to day analysis and solve complex engineering problems within the same environment

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