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GSA Analysis


GSA SwitchKeys Utility


Following a number of requests from customers we have developed a small utility to allow those customers who have multiple variants of GSA shared licences to easily swap between them.


1. In order to use this utility you will need to be running GSA version 8.6 or later:If you have already activated your licence, you will need to return all GSA keys (this only needs to be done on this occasion.) If you have not got any activated licences of GSA on your machine, skip to step 2 after opening GSA.


  • Open GSA

  • From the 'Help' menu choose 'About GSA'

  • Click on 'Release Key to Pool'

2. Activate all GSA keys as follows


  • Click 'Activate key...'

  • Enter the Key ID & Password for the first variant of GSA that you have

  • Then repeat these 2 steps for the other variants of GSA that you have

  • Close the program


3. When you next open the program, the variant that opens will be the one that you activated the key for last.


4. To change the variant you wish to open, ensure GSA is closed, then run SwitchKeys. (Closing GSA is important to stop activations becoming locked on your machine.)


For Windows 7 you can run GSA SwitchKeys from 'Start > All Programs > Oasys GSA > GSA SwitchKeys'

  • For Windows 8 you can find SwitchKeys on your 'Apps' screen

5. Select the variant you wish to run and then open GSA. Each time you open GSA after this, it will run the last activated variant until you run SwitchKeys again and select another variant.

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