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Frew Features -Easy Inputs - Model Wizard and Graphical Input

The New Model Wizard is accessed by selecting the 'File | New'(Ctrl+N) option from the main menu, or by clicking the 'New' button on the Frew toolbar. The New Model Wizard is designed to ensure that some basic settings and global data can be easily entered.

Clicking "Finish" completes the wizard and creates Stage 0 with the input data.


The graphical input view will open to allow entry of node levels (if these are being created manually). If automatic node generation was selected, the graphical input view will show a single soil zone extending the full depth of the problem.


More soil zones can be added as required to set up the initial ground profile for Stage 0.


Strut and surcharge data is added separately, and additional stages created


A video showing how the wizard and graphical input can be used to create a file is available here:

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