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MassMotion Flow Benefits

Develop pedestrian environments using either imported CAD/BIM geometry or from scratch with MassMotion Flow's new polygon modelling tools.

MassMotion Flow

Exploring different scenarios is no longer an expensive or time-consuming luxury. Simulate, modify and analyse faster than ever.

Features new 'bi-ped' agents for more realistic simulation.

About This Software


Introducing MassMotion Flow


We are delighted to introduce MassMotion Flow, which enables designers everywhere to take advantage of crowd and evacuation simulation on all kinds of projects. 

MassMotion Flow brings the power and speed of MassMotion to a wider market. It features unlimited crowd sizes and the advanced analysis tools that crowd specialists around the world have come to rely on. MassMotion Flow will suit the needs of planners, designers, engineers and architects who need to quickly model environments to get feedback on pedestrian interaction and behaviour for a large number of different scenarios.


Intelligent agents in a BIM environment


BIM is very much at the heart of the design of MassMotion Flow and users can rapidly transfer BIM models to MassMotion using the open IFC 2x3 standard. Integrating MassMotion with a BIM based workflow means that the data generated can be used to inform others in the project teams quickly, producing optimal designs. MassMotion Flow also features a rich set of 3D modelling tools for rapid testing of alternatives and can even be used to develop 3D environments from scratch.

Advanced options for modelling environments


A new purpose built object based interface has been developed for MassMotion Flow, that enables users to rapidly develop pedestrian environments using either imported CAD/BIM geometry or from scratch with MassMotion’s new polygon modelling tools.

Biped agents assist with highly visual output


Users of our MassMotion have become aware of the benefits in switching from 2D to 3D analysis. The visual results are easy to communicate to stakeholders, and can be used to build common understanding between technical and non-technical alike. MassMotion Flow features new biped agents that have been developed for even higher impact visual presentation, showing a true representation of pedestrian speed and crowd behavior.

We believe that MassMotion Flow is a tool that every architect, fire engineer and designer will need to meet their customer’s growing expectations for proof of concept, with more analysis and easily-understandable visual output. There is a clear distinction between MassMotion and MassMotion Flow based on the range of the needs of our customers and all parties interested in our pedestrian simulation solution.  Naturally, there is a clear upgrade path between the two products and those who find they need more functionality can move from one to the other, easily transferring data between the systems.

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