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Safe Benefits

Fully coupled consolidation included as a standard

Advanced post processing for plotting, visual results inspection and report outputs

Extensive range of material models – including jointed rock, reinforced soil, BRICK material model, elastic – mohr coulomb and many others

About This Software


Solve your geotechnical problem with powerful two-dimensional geotechnical finite element design software


Whether you need to do two-dimensional finite element computations in plane stress, plane strain, or axial symmetry, Safe takes care of it. The smart geotechnical finite element analysis software identifies pore pressures and effective stresses separately and includes gravitational loads and initial stresses.


Benefits of using SAFE for understanding Geotechnical problems


Increased insight into the global engineering problem.  Feature rich capability all included in one package allowing engineers to model a wide range of situations with no bolt on packages required. Safe can assist in solving the most simple to the most complex problems in a single project environment, saving time, money with increased engineering accuracy.

Safe works on a wide range of geotechnical problems


Safe is easy to use and solves a wide range of geotechnical problems. This geotechnical finite element design software program uses an unstructured mesh generator with a clear graphical interface. So you can easily input simple or complex meshes — including tunnels and other structures.


Forming an excavation or embankment? Safe supports incremental loading and changes of material properties. Of course, you can store and view intermediate results. And it’s easy to print and share your final computations.


Whatever material you’re working with, Safe has the power to help. The software comes with a range of material models. The program includes models for linear elastic, elastic Mohr-Coulomb, modified Cam-clay, soil reinforcement and more.


Developed for the demands of modern geotechnical engineering, Safe has proved its worth on projects around the world.

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